Windows clients

Windows 8 and 10 devices work right out of the box.

Windows 7 does not support EAP-TTLS-PAP which is the "flavor" of RADIUS used by Foxpass. This is the only version of RADIUS that is secure enough to travel over the internet.

Windows 7 machines with a wireless chipset from Intel support can use EAP-TTLS-PAP by installing the wireless drivers from Intel, and setting up TTLS-PAP.

Installing Intel wireless drivers (Windows 7 only)

Only do this if you have the Intel wireless chipset in your laptop

  1. Download the latest here:

  2. During the install process, choose 'customize' and make sure that the enterprise tools are installed as well.

  3. Agree to the system restart

  4. Run the WiFi Connection Utility

  5. Attempt to connect to your 802.1x-enabled SSID

  6. A guess will be made at the correct settings

  7. Modify the settings from PEAP to TTLS

  8. Inner type is PAP

  9. either hard-code the credentials or allow the computer to prompt each time.

  10. Done!