UniFi / Ubiquiti setup

Setting up Ubiquiti RADIUS with Foxpass

Many Foxpass customers use wireless access products by Ubiquiti. You are in good hands.

The Ubiquiti setup is very straight-forward.

1. Set your Foxpass password

In Foxpass, go to the "Password" settings page and enter a password.

2. Create a "RADIUS Client" entry on Foxpass

Visit this page: https://console.foxpass.com/settings/radius/. Create a RADIUS client for this site's public IP address. Note the secret that was generated.

Then click on the "RADIUS Servers" tab on that page and note our RADIUS IP addresses (EAP-TTLS at the top, EAP-TLS at the bottom) and the "secret" that was created for that entry.

3. Create a RADIUS profile

In your Ubiquiti settings, go to "Profiles"

Click "Create new RADIUS Profile"

Profile Name: Foxpass RADIUS
RADIUS Auth Server: IP Address: (from above step), Port: 1812, Password/Shared Secret: (from above step)

Push "Add Auth Server"

Add a second Foxpass RADIUS server IP address. Same shared secret.

Click "Save"


Access points will reboot after step 4

Consider whether this is the best time to have your access points reboot en-masse

4. Create a test SSID

In your Ubiquiti settings, go to "Wireless Networks" section and click "Create new wireless network".

Name/SSID: Foxpass Test
Enabled: yes
Security: WPA Enterprise
RADIUS Profile: Foxpass RADIUS

Click "Save"

5. Set up your client

If you have a Mac, go to this page: https://console.foxpass.com/settings/wifi/. Create an entry for (e.g.) "Foxpass Test", download the config file and install it. To configure other operating systems for TTLS-PAP, please see the "RADIUS clients" section to the left.

6. Try it out

Connect to your new network, and enter your username and password.