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Apple Airport Extreme RADIUS setup

Instructions on setting up your Apple Airport Extreme with RADIUS auth from Foxpass

1. First Step

Do not make these changes on a live Apple Airport Extreme. Grab a test one, and use a test SSID name.

2. Create an entry for your location in Foxpass

Create an entry for your location on this page.

Make note of the IP addresses of our RADIUS servers, and the generated secret.

3. Configure your Apple Airport Extreme

Run the "Airport Utility" tool on your Macbook. On the "Wireless" tab, click the RADIUS button. Enter our IP addresses (one primary, one for backup) and enter the same secret for both entries. Make note of your test SSID's name

4. Generate a provisioning file

Take your test SSID's name, and create an entry on this page. Then download the generated config file, and click on it to install it on your Macbook.

5. Authenticate!

Try to connect to it. If you haven't set your Foxpass password, set it here.

Updated 8 months ago

Apple Airport Extreme RADIUS setup

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