Mikrotik Setup for RadSec

Setting up a Mikrotik equipment to work with Foxpass RadSec

Foxpass RadSec allows a RADIUS connection via TLS for an additional layer of security. This setup guide will help you configure Mikrotik equipment with Foxpass RadSec.

Step 1 - Download Cert + Key from Foxpass console

  • In the Foxpass Console, go to the RadSec page.
  • Create a new Client certificate and key by clicking the Create Client Certificate button. Select any RADIUS attributes to associate with the newly generated Client certificate.
  • Click on the Download Cert + Key button to download the Certificate and the Key (allow multiple file download when asked in the browser)

See the screenshot below for more details.


Create and download RadSec Cert + Key from Foxpass console

Step 2 - Configure your Mikrotik equipment

  • See the screenshots below for configuration details.

Configuring Mikrotik equipment with RadSec


Upload Certificate and Key

Note: We do not currently support MFA and logging for RadSec and these features will be available in a future release.