Set Up Wi-Fi® Authentication

Foxpass provides a RADIUS endpoint to allow user based logins to your Wi-Fi. This enhances security and visibility within your network.

How to Configure RADIUS

  1. Register your network on Foxpass
    • Create a RADIUS client on the 'RADIUS Clients' page. Then, copy the Foxpass RADIUS IP addresses and the "secret" created for that RADIUS client entry.
  2. Set up your access point
    • Follow the instructions for your access point from the 'Access Point Setup' section in the left-hand panel. If you don't see your access point listed, contact us to help you get set up.
  3. Configure your end client
    • Configure your clients according to the instructions listed in the 'RADIUS Clients' section in the left-hand panel.
  4. Test your connection
    • Try logging into your Wi-Fi® with your Foxpass password. If you're having trouble, check the 'RADIUS logs' page to see more detail about login attempts.
  5. Next Steps. Extra options for more advanced usage.

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