SSO - PagerDuty

Allow Foxpass users to log in to PagerDuty via SSO


Note: SAML logins with PagerDuty only work on accounts with a Professional, Business, and Digital Operations pricing plans.

You must upgrade your organization's account if you are on the Free plan tier.

SSO Configuration

Configuring PagerDuty as a service provider

  1. Click the 'enable' button for PagerDuty the SSO - Service Providers page. Optionally select any specific Users or Groups to be allowed for SSO and then click the Save button.
  2. Click on the 'IDP Certificate' button to download the Foxpass IDP Certificate file.
  3. Configure the GitHub service provider in Foxpass with the following custom fields:
key: subdomain
value: <your PagerDuty's subdomain>

PagerDuty configuration

  1. Log in to Pagerduty using the account owner's account.
  2. Navigate to User Icon Account Settings Single Sign-On.
  3. Select the SAML radio button and set up the IDP using the following settings:
Login URL:
Logout URL (Optional):

Upload the certificate from step 2 in the Public certificate box.
Select auto-provision users option to automatically create a new account when new users sign in using SSO.


Pagerduty IDP settings

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any feedback or issues.