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Directory Sync

Syncing a 3rd Party Directory with Foxpass

Foxpass can sync user and group information from your main directory for automatic user provisioning and deprovisioning and group membership managements. Setting up sync will greatly reduce your time spent managing your directory and will help keep access consistent across your organization. You can look up specific instructions for your identity provider on the left hand side. If you don't see your directory listed, contact us at [email protected].

Additionally, there are group whitelisting features that will allow you to restrict Foxpass usage to a subset of your organization. To enable those features, you must first turn on Group Sync.

Note: Directory sync does not involve passwords. If you'd like to also delegate authentication to a third party directory, check out Password Delegation.

User Sync DiagramUser Sync Diagram

User Sync Diagram

Group Sync DiagramGroup Sync Diagram

Group Sync Diagram

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Directory Sync

Syncing a 3rd Party Directory with Foxpass

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