Adding your SSH key to Foxpass

By adding your public key to Foxpass, you will be able to log into linux machines that are Foxpass-enabled. You can run our script which will automatically generate and upload a key or you can manually upload an existing key.


Note: You must be an 'Engineer' user to use the SSH key management feature

If you're not an 'Engineering' user, have an admin change your user type from the 'Users' page.

Automatic Upload Instructions

Run the two commands below and enter your email address and Foxpass password then prompted. The script will also prompt you to run 'ssh-add' to add the key to your keychain. You should also see your new key on the 'SSH Keys' page.


Manual Upload Instructions

1. Create a key pair (if needed)

If you don't already have an ssh key, you can create one.

See Github's tutorial.

2. Copy the public part of the key to your clipboard

On a Mac, do:

cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy

On other machines do:

cat ~/.ssh/

And then highlight the entire output and copy it into your clipboard.

3. Paste it into Foxpass

On this page, select "Add SSH Key". Name the key something descriptive (usually the machine's name, like "Bob's MacBook") and then paste in your key data.