What makes Foxpass better?

Advantages of Foxpass over other providers

Some often ask what makes Foxpass a better directory provider than others out there. Here's why we think we are the best:

1. Security

Security is the most important differentiator. Foxpass does not cut corners when it comes to security, especially RADIUS security. Read our primer on RADIUS security. Other RADIUS providers allow PAP by default on their cloud RADIUS servers. Foxpass does not; you need to run our RADIUS proxy or our RADIUS agent in your network to tunnel the request to our servers over HTTPS.

Likewise, our LDAP servers will not allow logins that are not encrypted with TLS/SSL. That means clients need to connect to the TLS/SSL-enabled port (636) or connect to the standard LDAP port (389) and issue a STARTTLS command. Our competitors' LDAP services will happily allow your passwords to go over plaintext, leaving you vulnerable if you misconfigure an LDAP client.daff

2. Availability

We have an impressive availability record. And, if that's not enough, we offer a Docker container that you can run in your own environment that will maintain a complete cache of your Foxpass data and will serve it locally, if needed.

3. Cloud directory integrations

We integrate with other directory services, like Google Workspace, Office365/AzureAD, Okta, OneLogin, Active Directory and LDAP.

4. Cloud infrastructure integrations

We have a feature-rich integration with Amazon Web Service which allows you to define complex rules around which users can access which machines, based on which VPC or Subnet the machine is in or depending on the machine's AWS tags.

5. Flexibility

If you'd prefer a private deployment of Foxpass just for you, we'll run one for you. Or if you want to run the Foxpass software in your own network, that's possible too.

6. Value

We bring a lot of functionality in a small price tag. Compare, and you'll see.