Dell iDRAC LDAP setup

Configuring Dell iDRAC to work with Foxpass's LDAP

These instructions will work for Dell's Chassis Management System, which is quite similar in configuration to iDRAC. However, iDRAC currently does not support the use of LDAP servers that do not respond to ping, which is the case for Foxpass' production servers. Dell has been notified and a feature request has been submitted. Aren from Foxpass has suggested that enabling ICMP might be a possibility for their "v2 production infrastructure".

Create an LDAP binder in Foxpass called 'idrac'. Record the password it generates.


  1. Log into idrac
  2. Click iDRAC Settings then User Authentication
  3. Click Directory Services
  4. Select "Generic LDAP Directory Service" and click Apply
  5. Click Configure Generic LDAP
  6. Deselect "Enable Certificate Validation" and click Next

Enter the following info in the corresponding fields (Replace "example" with your domain):

LDAP Server Address:
LDAP Server Port: 636
Bind DN: cn=idrac,dc=example,dc=com
Check the Update Bind Password box.
Bind Password: Enter the LDAP Binder password
Base DN to Search: dc=example,dc=com
  1. Click Next
  2. Click Role Group 1.
  3. In Group DN enter cn=LDAPGROUP,ou=groups,dc=example,dc=com (Replace LDAPGROUP with an LDAP group you added to your Foxpass account. If you have multiple groups, add role groups for each group.)
  4. Assign Role privileges and click Apply.
  5. Click Finish
  6. Click Test Settings
  7. Enter your credentials
  8. If the test fails double check your info and make sure IDRAC can reach foxpass on port 636.

TIP: If the test has the error No user privileges found. It means the issue is with your role group. Specifically the role group isn't finding your user in the GroupDN you provided.