Configuring Jira to work with Foxpass's LDAP server


Group membership required

By default, JIRA rejects users that are not in the LDAP Group 'jira-software-users' group. If you're putting in a correct name/password and can't log in, this is probably why.

Change the following:

Directory Type: OpenLDAP
Hostname: ldap.foxpass.com
Port 636.
Use SSL is checked.
Username: cn=, (e.g. cn=jira,dc=foxpass,dc=com)
Password: password for above LDAP Binder
Base DN: (e.g. dc=foxpass,dc=com)
Additional User DN: ou=people
Additional Group DN: ou=groups

User Name Attribute: uid
User First Name Attribute: gn
User Display Name Attribute: cn

Change both instances of "groupOfUniqueNames" to "groupOfNames"

Group Members Attribute: member
Use the User Membership Attribute: checked