InvGate LDAP

Configuring InvGate to work with Foxpass's LDAP server

InvGate is a product that helps businesses manage their IT. It supports using LDAP as an directory backend, and can utilize Foxpass to provide the directory via LDAP.

Create an LDAP Binder

Note your Base DN on the dashboard page and mark it down.

Create an LDAP Binder account with the name 'confluence' (or easily identifiable) on the LDAP binders page. Copy/paste the generated password! It is only displayed once.

Also make a note of the binder's CN (i.e. cn=invgate,dc=≪example≫,dc=≪com≫).

Configure InvGate

First, navigate to the LDAP Server settings. Then, enter the following values, inserting your own information where marked by the double arrows.



Server settings

Service: Open LDAP
Name: ≪Foxpass≫
Host or IP address: ldaps://
Port: 636
Domain: ≪≫
Domain name: ≪example≫
Base DN: dc=≪example≫,dc=≪com≫


Additional settings

Security: SSL


Import groups: checked
Import OUs: checked
Sync: ≪your preference≫


User or DN: cn=invgate,dc=≪example≫,dc=≪com≫
Password: ≪invgate binder password≫

After you're done configuring InvGate, you're all set to start syncing it with Foxpass!