Foxpass RADIUS proxy


Foxpass RADIUS proxy is NOT for network (e.g. WiFi) access.

Wireless (and wired) access uses EAP, and the RADIUS proxy does not supports EAP. EAP connections use EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, or PEAP and are already secured by an embedded stream that uses the TLS protocol.

Network authentication must connect directly to one of our cloud-RADIUS servers.

For RADIUS clients that only support PAP, we strongly recommend that you use our local RADIUS proxy. This allows an insecure version of RADIUS to be use within your firewall, but the proxy uses HTTPS to speak with Foxpass's servers, ensuring the safety of your company's credentials.

The proxy will be used for switch console access, firewall VPN authentication, etc.

Download the proxy

The proxy is available on github, here: