SSO - Google Workspace

Allow Foxpass users to log in to Google Workspace via SSO

SSO Configuration

Configuring Google as a service provider

  1. Click the 'enable' button for Google Workspace the SSO - Service Providers page. Optionally select any specific Users or Groups to be allowed for SSO and then click the Save button.
  2. Click on the 'IDP Certificate' button to download the Foxpass IDP Certificate file.
  3. Log in to the Google admin console at
  4. Navigate to Security > Set up single sign-on (SSO) with a third party IdP.
  5. Set up the IDP using the following settings:
page URL:
Sign-out page URL:

Upload the certificate from step 2 and leave the Use a domain specific issuer box unchecked.


Google IDP settings

Now, any non-Google admins will be prompted to authenticate via Foxpass when trying to log into Google services. They can also log into Foxpass and click the Log In button on the SSO page. Google admins will still log into Google using their Google password via Google's authentication system.