JAMF Settings for EAP-TTLS Network

To configure RADIUS via EAP-TTLS on JAMF using Foxpass for authentication, you would typically follow these general steps:

JAMF Configuration

Tip: Instead of downloading the .mobileconfig file from Foxpass and then uploading it to your MDM, we recommend that you re-create the profile in your MDM.


This guide is slightly out of date. JAMF now requires you upload the EAP-TTLS certificate (which is downloaded from Foxpass), and mark it "Trusted" on the WiFi page.

Here are the necessary settings. In your JAMF admin portal:

  • Go to Network
  • Network Interface. - Wi-Fi
  • SSID: <Your SSID name; must match exactly including capitalization>
  • Security Type: WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
  • Protocols - Accepted EAP Types: TTLS
  • Username - $EMAIL
  • Inner Authentication: PAP
  • Trusted Server Certificate Names: *.foxpass.com
Create Wi-Fi profile

Create Wi-Fi profile