GET requests that return a list of objects may support pagination. Pagination is based on a page number and not a cursor. When making a request, append page and limit parameters to the request to return a specific page of a specific size. Both parameters must be specified in order to return paginated data.

pagePage number to returnInteger
limitNumber of items to returnInteger

For example:

curl -H 'Authorization: Token API_KEY'

Foxpass's API will return the following page object along with these items:

pagePage number returnedInteger
limitNumber of items returnedInteger
nextWhether or not more items exist in the next pageBoolean

For example:

{"status": "ok", "data": [...], "page": {"page": 1, "limit": 10, "next": true}}

If both page parameters are not sent, Foxpass will return a null object instead of a full page object.